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Mrs. Blessing Oladosu had delayed pregnancy for 14 years before coming to Winners Medical for infertility treatment. She became pregnant and delivered a baby girl who is 1 year 1 month as of 12/03/2012.

You can reach her on 07060092825 or 08034532415


Hajiya Salau was treated of fibroid measuring 6.49 x 6.46 at Winners Medical Abuja and she is willing to help and advise those in her former state.

You can reach her on 08065490007


Mrs. Aloko had ovarian cyst but was treated by spray method at winners and she is willing to encourage those who may find it difficult to believe.

You can reach her on 08055902980


Mrs. Fabgemi was treated of ovarian cyst and would like others to benefit from this innovative, painless procedure available at Winners Medical.

You can reach her on 08033171273


Mr. & Mrs. Solomon Ekwunise had delayed pregnancy for 16 years before discovering Winners Medical. And after our medication for fertility, she became pregnant and now have a baby boy.

You can reach them on - Husband: 08038026080 and Wife: 08032555084


Mallam Yahaya was HIV reactive, confirmed positive at Gwagalada Teaching Hospital but after taking winnicure for eight months, he sero-reverted (tested negative) and for many years remained negative. He is willing to share his experience with others who may not believe that HIV is curable.

You can reach him on 08039146734



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Believe it or not this is a true life experience.
This is not design to convince you but its just a personal health experience it depends on how you take it or belive it.
In June 15 2009 i was tested positive to HIV,


I am a witness that HIV is curable

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In the middle of June 2004, I, Yahaya Omale, 56, a retired police officer and father of four, was tested and confirmed HIV positive. But after consuming Winniecure, herbal residues prescribed by Dr. Jacob Abdullahi, I had my HIV status pronounced negative.

My ordeal began on June 14, 2004, I had gone to Gwagwalada Specialist Hospital, Abuja to donate blood to the wife of a friend who was in labour.
I had donated blood in the past, therefore I was surprised when the laboratory scientist asked me to go for another test.
The second test called confirmatory or western blot affirmed my worst fears and shook me to the marrow.
When they told me that I was HIV positive, I was shocked and could not immediately utter any word, tears rolled down my cheeks. My weight reduced drastically within days.
Thereafter i was asked to go home and wait for my slow, but certain end.
Fate intervened, as on July 9, 2004, I heard about Winners Diagnostic and Research Institute (WDRI) and the claims of its chief executive, Dr Jacob Abdulahi that he has found the cure to HIV/AIDS.
At WDRI, I was subjected to another round of tests. The result of the first test states Evidence of retroviral antibodies to HIV-1 detected, Thereafter I went for CD4 count test, and my CD4 count was 200.
Positive to negative
After the tests, Winnicure, the herbal residue formulated by Dr. Abdullahi was prescribed for me from July 9, 2004 to April, 2005.
After this period, I was asked to go for retroviral screening, which I did at Bwari General Hospital, Abuja, and the result stated no evidence of retroviral antibody detected. The test was repeated at WDRI, and the same result obtained.
On March 4, 2005, I returned to Gwagwalada Specialist Hospital where it all began. The rounds of test confirmed that the HIV antibody was no longer present in my system.
Looking back, I think that my experience was like a walk through the valley of the shadow of death. I broke down in tears when the first test declared me HIV positive, and my weight later dropped to 72 kilogramme, but I weigh 85 kilogrammes now and I'm completely free of the HIV virus.

"I have got my life back" - Testifies Patient

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I am not here to debate or dispute if its curable or not and I didn't create this topic for that, winnicure is a drug I discovered existing in nigeria after I couln't continue with ARV becaucos I was constantly feeling sick and throwing up,I