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Dr Abdullahi declares his drug, Winniecure as the panacea for HIV/AIDS

Tests without cure

Dr. Jacob Abdullahi during an interview last week had lamented that the authorities in Nigeria seem preoccupied with testing to know one's HIV status rather than searching for a breakthrough in a cure. In Nigeria, there is nobody responsible for seeking a cure or immunization or clinical trials on new products as is the case in other countries.
The relationship of National Action Committee on Aids (NACA) with persons researching the cure for AIDS is not what it should be. For us here at WDRI, anytime we ask them to review what we are doing, they would beg off with the excuse that their mandate is to create awareness about the prevalence of HIV/AIDS and the use of condom, not to dabble into research on treatment of the dreaded disease.
To compound issues on the neglect of research on treatment for HIV/AIDS, Abdullahi stated that the two bodies that should be involved in this venture are currently engaged in a clash of ego. The National Institute for Pharmaceutical Research and Development (NIPRD) and the Nigerian Institute for Medical Research (NIMR) are at logger heads over which body should conduct clinical trials
Can't get anti HIV vaccine
Abdullahi expressed pessimism on the discovery of vaccines against HIV/AIDS. "It is not possible to discover a vaccine against the virus because there are different types, sub types and strains of HIV. These are the variants, and other viral infections does not exist in types like type O 1 and 2, and the types vary from region to region."
"Vatgen, the vaccine the USA tried to develop failed. They had only 7% success, but their Food and Drugs Administration (FDA) expected them to have at least 35%"
Contending that he has developed a cure for HIV/AIDS, Abdullahi argues that a cure is possible because HIV is an immunological disease which targets immune cells. "There is principle we drafted eight years ago which is used in treating some virus induced incurable disease and it is called: immuno-therapy. We looked at the architecture of the body. The body is meant to cure itself, drugs do not cure per say, but only reduces bacterial, parasitic, fungal or viral load within the system after which the body takes over the healing process."
Chemistry of infection
"When a person is infected by HIV, the immune cells are attacked, but the infected cells appear normal as it does not die immediately. It begins to replicate within the infected cells preparatory to taking over other cells on liberation from that infected cell. This continues until more cells are being attacked."
"At infection, a proteinous material known as histo-compatibility complex appears on the surface of the cell, to indicate or serve as a marker to the cytotoxic cells or natural killer cells known as CD8 for it to be destroyed. The destroyed infected cells are mopped out of the body system through a process called phagocytosis. What Winniecure does, is to empower the natural killer or cyto-toxic cells to recognize and kill the infected cells which contain HIV virus and then remove them from the body."
Winniecure has cytokines and chemokines. Cytokines help the natural killer cells to recognize infected cells.
Chemokines help to mobilize the natural killer cells to the infected sites. The body needs additional help to act in this manner and Winniecure provides that help. This is a workable principle to cure HIV. The body must recognize which is part of itself and which is not. Auto immunity will set in when the body cannot recognize self. When drugs cause this to set in, we call it drug reaction. Winniecure is a drug of nature
"We have 80% cure rate, ordinarily we have about 95% success rate. We have 80% cure rate and 95% success rate, and that is why critics, government, nobody can stop us based on fallacy, we have records, we can be proved right or wrong."

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