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Interview with Dr. Jacob Abdullahi , MD/CEO Winners Medical Diagnostic and Research Institute

May we meet you sir? 

My names are Dr Jacob Abdulahi, the Managing Director and Chief Executive of Winners Medical, Diagnostic and Research Institute.

What is your educational background?

  Like I said earlier, I am  Dr Jacob Abdulahi, the Managing Director and Chief Executive of Winners Medical, Diagnostic and Research Institute. My first degree was microbiology and medical laboratory science. Thereafter, I did my Masters in Immunology and then my PhD work was in health Support Services.

What do you do in Winners Medical, Diagnostic and Research Institute?

I lead a research team and we research on various ailments, and products to help those ailments, especially the areas we know that orthodox drugs are not really helping our people. So, we try to leverage that area using alternative remedies or products to remedy that situation.

When you said “area”, what did you mean? 

There are many diseases that orthodox drugs may not have treatment or cure for. Most orthodox drugs are only available as management interventions. For this reason, we provide more research to see how we can help those patients. For instance, all over the world, there is no treatment for arthritis. People start gradually with joint pains, and later graduating to spongiolosis,, osteoporosis, and then the spinal cord infection, and the inability to stand or walk. That’s what we call disc displacement. Since there is no treatment for all these, using orthodox drugs, and what is only available are pain relievers, these patients develop ulcers as side effects adding up to the initial pain of arthritis. When this orthodox management of arthritis fails, there may be walking difficulties due to failed bones and ligaments, leading to surgical interventions using metals as prosthetics to support movement. These metals may start reacting with the body, which may require a second surgical intervention on the patient. These go on and on, until perhaps, the patient gives up. These findings prompted our quest for a lasting solution to this ailment by using what is available around us to come up with what we see as a remedy in form of a local preparation. We worked on these products scientifically and they were effective within two weeks on patients with arthritis who previously were on wheel chair and unable to walk. To accentuate on this, arthritis is a curable ailment in Winners Medical, Diagnostic and Research institute, unlike in other parts of the world where it is only managed, getting their health in deteriorating state until death. So, that’s one aspect.

On HIV……over 15 years ago, when they said HIV was ravaging, we developed a treatment, that instead of taking antiretroviral for a life time, take it for 3 months, 6months, or 8 months depending on the stage of the ailment. They said HIV is not curable globally, but here in Winners laboratory, if it is an early infection and a person is tested and confirmed positive for HIV, once a treatment with our product is quickly commenced, the test reverses to negative. Here, we do not use what they call antiretroviral drugs that is supposed to be taken for life, but rather, we research on our own and produce drugs which are alternative drugs to antiretrovirals, but our own works and has proven to cure HIV. Except when it becomes AIDS, it may be a bit difficult because the patient will have to take the drugs for a longer period of time, say 2-3years, but certainly not for a life time. Therefore, this is still better than taking antiretroviral for life and usually children that are born HIV positive are expected to take antiretroviral for as long as they may live. We feel it is unnecessary for a young boy or girl to go through an antiretroviral medication for as long as 20 years of age. Sometimes it is traumatic to take drugs for a longer period of time even if the drugs sustain the patients’ lives, and these drugs have side effects that not many patients can cope with. We have seen a number of people that as a result of the side effects could not continue with the antiretroviral drugs. Therefore, people need something that will sustain their life for a longer period and not for a shorter time. Our product is still what people anywhere in the world would go for if they can have access to them.

In the year 2000, there was a press release that Dr Abalaka had found a cure and vaccine for the dreaded disease HIV, which raised eye brows in and across the country.  Has there been any international recognition and acceptability of your scientific findings?

HIV research has been done. We discovered the treatment for HIV/AID in 1998, and since then, over 50,000 cases have been treated with a success rate of over 80 per cent which far exceeds the 1 per cent the world is looking for. What this product needs is awareness that it is available in Nigeria and can be obtained irrespective of your country or continent. If Dr Abalaka could not defend his scientific findings and stopped along the line, that was probably his decision. We in Winnerslab have been able to defend our scientific findings for this treatment option anywhere in the world. As I speak to you, I am an immunologist, and I can tell you that this is possible, and there is no professor of medicine or researcher that can disprove our findings. Since, we started, what I see is that people copy the mechanism of action of Winniecure. Some researchers look for cytokines and chemokines which are the major constituents of our product, and they see that with these, the body can be made to cure itself. Actually, there is no agent that cures the virus; it is the body that cures itself of the virus. When the cells are infected with the virus, Winniecure product prompts the Natural killer Cells (NK Cells) to start looking for where the infections are taking place through the help of the chemokines. Another help available in that product is the presence of cytokines for new cells, CD8 or cytotoxic cells to start destroying all the infected cells in the body through a process known as phagocytosis. The body has the power to do this, but because of the invasion of the pathogens which overwhelms the body’s immune system, that process may take place but at a very slow pace.  Therefore, what Winniecure product does is to activate the body’s immune response to this infection and perform maximally to overcome these pathogens. This is the only way that HIV and many other infections may be cured.

On the 15th July, 2000, the American government sent a- 5-man delegates from Congressional Tax Force on HIV/AIDS, to meet me in Abuja. They were led by Hon. Jim Mcdermott, a US congress man. When they came, I explained to them everything about our products and they asked lots of questions. That prompted our own House Committee on Health led by Hon. Ogbeide Willie from Edo state  to conduct an open hearing on the 8th August, 2000, where 16 claimants appeared. There was a White Paper by the Ministry of Health, to further investigate my claims and those of Dr Abalaka, out of the 16 of us that appeared. About 200Million naira was released for a further investigation of our findings. But along the line, we did not know what happened to the money that neither I nor Dr Abalaka was further investigated to prove the authenticity of our claims. The money was supposed to be used for further clinical trials but those that represented the federal government did not show up, and consequently our products were not further investigated. Notwithstanding, we continued with our own clinical trials of our products and also made publications in scientific journals.

There is this problem with herbal drugs that we have read and heard about and it is a problem of dosage. Do your products have specified quantifications or calibrations?

We have done a very thorough and intensive work here in Winnerlab. Winniecure is the most researched product in Nigeria. There is no drug made in Nigeria that has had more than 10 publications on the hematological and chemical parameters and so many other immunological parameters that we have assessed. They are natural products that have been well researched on and come in a well calibrated form. The therapeutic dose varies with age and stage or severity of infections.

You have spoken a lot about arthritis and HIV/AIDS, are there other diseases that your organization have researched on?

Yes. For instance, anywhere in the world, when a man is about the age of 45, there is a high tendency of developing prostate enlargement or what we call prostate cancer. At this point the usual treatment option available is surgical intervention. But here in Winnerslab, there will be no need for surgery within 3 months of treatment. This available treatment option in Winnerslab has a cure rate of 100% for prostate cancer and it is strictly by the use of oral medication. This treatment option helps patients avoid surgery and its complications. If the condition is a full blown cancer where the PSA (Prostate-specific antigen) is high and they continue with that medication, and they will see that the cancer cells will drastically reduce within 6 months. Common practice is surgical removal of the testes to prevent the cancerous cells from spreading, hence the man is castrated (without erection) for life.  So, I think that is not a medical intervention that should be welcomed. Many people may have complications during the surgery and die. Some people even travel out for surgeries, but same complication still happens most times. But here in winnerslab this case is 100% curable.

For fibroid, when the sizes are less than 6cm they are treatable within 3 months without surgical interventions. In practice all over the world, there is no treatment for fibroid that does not involve surgery. But here, it is only treatable with oral drugs. For ovarian cyst, it is much easier if the size is less than 3.0 cm and within 2 weeks it’s gone and the patient may not have to undergo surgery. With one knowledge of science that we know there is nowhere in the world that ovarian cyst is treated with only oral drugs. Even sickle cell anemia that is common in our place is not curable. But here, within 10months from what we have seen so far someone discontinues with the drugs and starts living a normal life. And there are so many other diseases curable by our drugs.


What is the overall success rate of your products and how many people have benefited from it?

Scientifically, most of our drugs have very high efficacy for disease treatment. Take for instance, someone may be treating an infection for 15 years and the infection refuses to go. In the next 20 years, the man or woman still has the infection until he probably becomes impotent or the woman becomes barren due to ordinary bacterial infection. It is only here that they can treat it and the success rate is over 90%. Young girls that came up with toilet infection from their youthful age may start having menstrual pain and they go to the hospital and they say it can only be managed. They give pain reliever when the pain comes every month and if this continues till the age of 25, it may cause fibroid. And from what we know in our orthodox medicine, fibroid and menstrual pains are not treatable, but here it is treatable and the success rate is over 90%.

In the case of infertility, the success rate of our natural product is also over 90% for both male and female patients. Hardly can you treat low sperm count with orthodox drugs, especially when the count has gone below 10million cells. We also treat cases of bed-wetting. But hardly can you find a hospital that treats that condition because they do not have medicine for it.

Having heard from you, we see hope for the common man. Since these are ailments that are common in our environment, how can people have access to you and these products?

The products and their prescriptions are available on our website. Whenever you click on the type of ailment, the prescription will be displayed. Seeing me may not be necessary since our products are available in over 20 centers across Nigeria. If you cannot access any of our centers, you can alternatively place your orders and ask questions online, irrespective of your geographic location and they will be delivered to you. Simply get our contacts in the form of numbers, emails and website. Our website is

What have been your challenges so far?

We have many challenges but they are certainly not with the efficacy of the products. When you have something that can help people and you do not have access to these people, it is a big challenge. Radio and television adverts are not usually allowed. To reach out to these people, you may need to go to the radio which is a costly venture. Most times, they do not allow us to speak on HIV/AIDS because they do not want to know that there is a cure available for this disease. It can be very challenging in that aspect. We have been in this battle for awareness for about 15years now. Some HIV positive patients who took our drugs 10 years ago have become negative and have successfully gotten married and given birth to about 3 children each. The children were not infected even when they were breast-fed. It is painful when you see people killing themselves due to societal stigma, when they could have easily gotten this medication and be free of the virus for life. Sometimes you are forced to ask yourself why we find ourselves in a society where there is so much of neocolonialism. The Americans gave me a blanket opportunity to go with them to the States, and I refused, making it clear that this is an African invention. I asked why they were not interested in working with us, and their response was, so long as I stayed here in Nigeria, I may never be recognized, and they left. Since then, I have been watching what will happen and it’s been 15 years. 

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