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The Winners Medical Diagnostic & Research Institute was established in 1998 with a view to undertaking a research into HIV/AIDS drug.

The result of the research is the drug called Winniecure, a herbal residue prepared from local herbs using standard scientific procedures for extraction and formulation.

Between April and August 1998, preliminary tests to determine the dosage and safety of Winniecure were carried out. Following these there are other WINNERS INVENTIONS...

We are a household name in the area of HIV/AIDS treatment. The Managing Director of the Institute, Dr. Jacob Abdullahi believes that there is no disease without a cure.

Apart from the globally acclaimed product used in the treatment of HIV/AIDS with proven cure rate of over 80% where there is no 1% cure anywhere in the world, there are many other products used for the treatment and management of other diseases available in all our centres.

We have record of several cases of sero-reversions, that is, patients screened reactive and confirmed positive then reserved to sero-negative status after medication especially when it is early detected and the medication started immediately.